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A pleasant sleeping environment and quality sleep are crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to create a bedroom You’re happy to spend one-third of Your life in.

Your life starts in Your
dream bedroom

227 760 hours. That is how much time of our lives we spend sleeping. Even more time we spend in our bedrooms in general – resting, drinking our morning coffee in bed, cuddling with our lovers, or having blues on sad days.

Our bedroom means a lot to all of us. It is the very first place we have our first dreams, the first songs sang by our parents. Growing up we begin to understand it as a shelter, a place we’re safe to laugh, cry and love in.

Patalynės Namai is a business born from a belief in a good life that starts in a dream bedroom.

We produce high-quality, natural, and hypoallergenic bedding and provide you with other bedroom essentials so You could enjoy every minute spent in the place that means the most to You.

Lots of love,

Patalynės Namai